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Trumpet Mouthpiece For Sale

This trumpet mouthpiece is second to none and has a combination "V" and "Bowl" shaped cup.
It's perfect for all playing situations from jazz to symphonic.

Bottom line...
"Signature" required!

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Trumpet Mouthpiece For Sale

This trumpet mouthpiece is medium in depth with
a modified "V" shaped cup. It has
a nice soft attack with a slight, bright edge which works well for symphonic and pop playing.

It's not just
'da' mouthpiece,

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Trumpet Mouthpiece For Sale

This trumpet mouthpiece has a shallow bowl shaped cup, perfect for lead players.
The Sizzler has a concentrated and intense sound that bites right through.

Make no mis'steak', this mouthpiece "SIZZLES!"

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David O'Neill Professional Trumpet For Sale

The David O'Neill professional trumpets are light weight and free blowing. The bell spinning process produces a gradual brass thickness which gives you
that 'edge' for a professional sound.


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Gold Plated

Buy Gold Signature Trumpet Mouthpiece
Silver Plated
$ 99.99

Buy Silver Signature Trumpet Mouthpiece
Gold Plated

Buy Gold Bomb Trumpet Mouthpiece
Silver Plated
$ 99.99

Buy Silver Bomb Trumpet Mouthpiece
Gold Plated

Buy Gold Sizzler Trumpet Mouthpiece
Silver Plated
$ 99.99

Buy Silver Sizzler Trumpet Mouthpiece
Silver Plated

Buy Professional Trumpet

Through years of playing testing and research, David O'Neill has come up the perfect
'one piece' trumpet mouthpiece for all players. Be confused no more!!!

If you listen to great trumpet players like Bobby Shew, Arturo Sandoval, Doc Severson, Claude Gordon, Rafael Mendez, Maynard Ferguson... to name only a few, they all played on a one piece trumpet mouthpiece before all the confusing combinations were created. Most of what comes out the trumpet happens before in enters the trumpet.

David O'Neill Custom Trumpet Mouthpieces Aid In:
- Improved centered sound in all registers
- Increase range and endurance
- Better flexibility
- Less lip swelling
- Natural forward and closed aperture set up
- Allows for a louder sound projection

Specs and Features:
Cushioned Rim - It aids in getting a more comfortable grip without getting a soar lip.
Reverse tapered back bore creates a free blow.
Highly Efficient - The trumpet player's buzz is amplified to a vibrant sound, even in the mid and low registers. This makes it possible for lead players to remain authoritative in these registers without having to over-loosen their chops. This pays off big in the endurance department.
Resistance - The increased quantity of sound requires a less physical drive to sustain dominance. An entirely new reamer was created to make this back bore so more specific comparisons aren't possible.
Slightly Lower Pitch Center - Our back bore is .050" longer in length overall than standard back bore. This added a unique type of resistance resulting in firmer "walls" around the slots. If you are playing at extreme volumes, this type of security can make the difference between a guarded performance and a boldly dynamic one. Most players have found that their tuning slides can come in as much as a quarter inch, resulting in a more consistent timbre and better intonation.
Commercial Sound - Make no mistake here... the back bore was designed for verve and projection.
Inside Diameter .660" (16.75mm)
#26 back bore

It was about three years ago that I stumbled onto the Brass Trax website and the music of David O'Neill. I have tried several different mouthpieces over the years but always struggled with the upper registers. After testing each of David's new designs, I use the Sizzler the most. It really helps me hit the high ones. For some of the music I use the Bomb...and for some, the Signature. It is easy to change from one to the other due to the design.
Jim Graves
Ormond Beach, FL

The Signature -
I have played on a Monet for years. Your signature mouthpiece is now my favorite mouthpiece.
Dan Cathy

For years I have gone from one trumpet mouthpiece to another, struggling fora balance in quality of tone and embouchure endurance from the lower to theupper ranges. While one mouthpiece would suffice for the higher notes, itwas always at the sacrifice of the lower notes and vice-versa. With DavidO'Neill's signature mouthpiece, I have found the balance I have been seekingboth in a full comfortable range, increased endurance, and consistent tonalquality. David, my embouchure thanks you!
Dennis Roebuck
Thonotosassa, FL

I have been buying your tracks for years and enjoy them very much. I have been struggling trying to find a mouthpiece that I feel comfortable with. I saw your mouthpiece line and thought if your mouthpieces are as good as your tracks, I’m in for a treat. I was right! Your signature mouthpiece has helped me enjoy playing without the effort.
Tim Ziegler
Detroit, MI
The Bomb -
I bought your "Bomb" mouthpiece. Man, that was named correctly. It is "the bomb" for sure. I am a come-back player. I just started playing again after taking some years off. Your rim is extremely comfortable and I play with less effort. Thank you for watching out for us!
Bruce Williams
Pamona, CA
The Sizzler -
When I started playing with the sizzler, the rim felt very comfortable. It didn't seem that I had to warm up as much as I did with the jet-tone in order to play what I wanted to. What I liked also was after playing for an hour, I could come back two hours later, and my lips weren’t tired. Thank you so much for Brass Trax, because if I didn't find your website, I probably would have quit (playing). Keep your eyes on the Son! And thanks for your ministry.
Phil Von Busch
Chicago, IL
Throughout the years I have played with several mouthpieces always switching from one to another in order to perform in specific registers. David O’Neill’s Signature mouthpieces give me the ability to perform in all registers without sacrificing projection, tone, or the ability to “slot” into specific notes. I look forward to the new found confidence that the “Slizzer” has given me. THANKS!
Rusty Abernathy
Stockton, CA

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