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Psychology of Performance   Articulation and Fingering   Tone Production   Embouchure Formation
and Warming Up

Psychology of Performance

The way you practice has a great influence on how much and how easy you learn and perform. The psychology of performance starts with attitude, daily goals, concentration, and your physical readiness to perform. Learn to perform without stage fright, fear or apprehension by applying the material from this teaching series to your daily routine.
Articulation and Fingering

Articulations and fingering are the elements that are crucial in becoming a complete trumpet player. Every note is started and stopped by the articulation of the tongue. All notes are separated by either your tongue placement or fingering change. It is very important to develop these areas with patience and perfection. The mistake most trumpet players make is that they don't spend enough time developing these two areas at all levels, in all registers and all speeds.
Tone Production

Tone production is developed by the efficiency of the embouchure as set into vibration by the air stream. As the air passes through the lip's aperture, its force (or velocity) and to some extent aperture size and embouchure tension will guide the speed of vibration, which will determine frequency and pitch. In order to maintain embouchure control and strength it is vital that your breathing mechanisms operate in a relaxed and effortless manner.
Embouchure Formation and Warming Up

Nothing has been discussed more or as often in trumpet playing as the function and formation of the embouchure, and with good reason. Without a strong and well controlled embouchure, professional levels of performance can never be achieved. The beginning and early development of a well formed embouchure is very important if one wants to advance. However, in many cases beginners are left alone to play on whatever feels best or what we call the "hit-or-miss" plan.

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